The latest development in Venezuela is very daunting. Parents of sick children, NGOs, and medical personnel are begging to the government to solve the current medicine crisis. The lack of medicines makes it very hard for the medical personnel to initiate and complete treatments of ill children. The government’s actions or lack of actions that lead to this crisis is simply criminal.

Article 23 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela states “The treaties, pacts and conventions relating human rights which have been executed and ratified by Venezuela have a constitutional rank, and prevail over internal legislation…”. 

Also, Venezuela takes part in most of the international instruments of human rights that regulates the rights to health.  The Venezuelan State has ratified the “International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights” which makes the omissions of the State a clear violation of its citizen’s rights to health. Undoubtedly, access to health services and medicines are part of the Venezuelan State’s responsibility.


The health crisis affects all the Venezuelans, especially the children. The child’s protection agencies and judges (in special courts concerning children issues) must be more active in the search for a quick solution. The courts most rule in favour of judicial actions put forward on behalf of sick children.   Severely sick and untreated children  (like those with cancer) does not only suffer from their terrible disease, but also suffer more due to lack of medicine. Also, parents spend time trying to find medicines instead of standing beside the bed of their children. A situation existing due to human negligence. We do not need to be a close relative, to sympathise with them and see their suffering. This health crisis is the reflect of a society in rapid decline, where the values are evaporating.

We urge the authorities of the Venezuelan State—the main responsible to guarantee the right to health—to fulfil their duties. The Minister of Health, as the main executor of the public policies and management of public expenditures, must respond with concrete actions and provide a quick solution. Not quickly respond to this crisis of the Health System, can result in the condemnation of the Venezuelan State for violation of human rights.


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