This year’s competition dates are as follows:

  • Submission Deadline – 30 September, 2009 (You can submitt your essay before but not after this date) .

  • Essay sent for reviewing – 14 October, 2009 (After recieving your essay it will be sent to 3 or more reviewers for evaluation and commenting).

  • Reviews back to authors – about 16 December, 2009 (You will get back the review with the comments, here you will have time to adjust your essay if you feel you need).

  • Winner announcement –  about 20 December, 2009 (Winners will be announced via our website).

  • Publishing – End of December, 2009 (Essays will start to be published on the websties).

When submitting your essay attach it to an email and send it to


*Dates my change, so keep an eye on this web page.