Zimbabwe (AHN) – A lawyer representing human rights activists in Zimbabwe is reporting police in the country appear to be disregarding a High Court order to release members of the government’s opposition currently being held by authority.

On Wednesday a judge ordered the unconditional release of 23 people associated President Robert Mugabe’s opposition. Those currently being held also include a two-year-old who was seized with his mother.

Allegations of torture prompted High Court Judge Yunus Omarjee ordering another nine to be sent for medical treatments. Of those who may have been tortured and in need of medical attention include human rights activist Jestina Mukoko leader of the Zimbabwe Peace Project.

Lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa said a senior police officer knew nothing about the order and it is unclear where ht activists are being held.

“We are now hearing reports that they have been moved from the remand center where they were being held … and we don’t know where they have been taken,” Mtetwa told CNN. “We are, however, investigating their whereabouts.”

Law enforcement officials in the country had been denying for wee

ks the activists were being held, yet were delivered to their court appearance on Wednesday. Mukoko, was abducted by armed men on Dec. 3 following countrywide protests against the country’s worsening economy and various health crises.

Mukoko arrest and imprisonment is widely seen as a fabrication and a sign that Mr. Mugabe, 84, is not prepared to back down, even as some world leaders are becoming increasingly vocal and critical of his rule and treatment of those who oppose him.


Ayinde  O Chase