The Case of Haekyung Yim (Known as Haekyung Shugarman)

Haekyung  is an Asian woman that married an American. She was treated unfairly by the US legal system, consequently losing her son. She has had different private lawyers in USA that didn’t help enough during all these years. We have verified parts of her story, and conclude that she is a mother in distress.

This is a part of her story:

“The reason to publicize this story is to reveal the truth of the malice law in America and the people who discriminated me with ill intention to the world. They took my Human Rights away inhumanly.
I am an individual who against the super power. In our country expression, an egg hit the rock mountain. As the result I was crushed severely. But it doesn’t mean that I am dead. My spirit is stronger than ever. I personally was destroyed as a woman..But as a mother I am still alive, and in order to save my son’s life I am like David fighting against Goliath. And that is not my choice but God had given me.
I need my voice to be heard to the people. The people who are just and righteous. The people who have their own children and will fight the same as me if they fall into my situation. I need those people’s support. Their voices. Could you help me?!
 I have contacted lots of other organizations and they responded negatively. They said they could not help me with legal issue. And I clearly understand what they say, I am not asking them to fight against the American Law system, face to face.
I was asking them to find the way or help me to access to a group I could contact to. I don’t blame any of them. It is their choice. I can’t blame them, at all.”

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