The winning essay is “Police Reforms in India: Crucial for ‘Human Rights’”, written by Shantanu. The second prize goes to Shoma A. Chatterji for y “Eunuchs of India are Deprived of Human Rights”. The third prize goes to Aileen S. Marques for the essay “Innocence Interred”. The following top ten essays will be published here during the next ten weeks.

THE TOP TEN ESSAYS (alphabetic order)

– Aileen S. Marques, “Innocence Interred”

– Arun Kumar, “Child Marriage as an Human Rights Issue”

– Blessing Ocholi, “Liberty to the less Privileged”

– Line Løvåsen, “Improving Human Rights and development”

– Maria Belen Avellaneda, “Que Ocurre en el Mundo un Dia Como Hoy”

– Samuel Quayson, “Human Rights”

– Shantanu, “Police Reforms in India: Crucial for ‘Human Rights’ “

– Shoma A. Chatterji, “Eunuchs of India are Deprived of Human Rights”

– Swapneshwar Goutam, “How Family Responsible for Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Child Rights”

– Uday Pasricha, “Enlarging the Scope of Democracy by Changing our Interpretation of Human Rights!”


10 essays were sent out for reviewing. Each essay was reviewed by at least three reviewers and judged against six equally weighted criteria: Thematic focus, Skill in argumentation, Clarity of ideas, Originality, Precision and Style in writing, and Grace of expression. For each criterion there is an associated scale from 0 to 10. Each essay’s review score was calculated as follows; the average of the six equally weighted criteria for each reviewer was calculated; thereafter the average of the reviewers score was calculated. In addition to the score, each reviewer added a final comment to the author.

We would like to thank our review board

* Frederick Dawe, USA
* Marianela Clayton, UK
* Doris Fischler, Germany
* Jennifer Goff, USA
* Prince Charles Dickson, Nigeria
* Heather Zimba, UK
* Mateo Burillo, Spain
* Benjamin Jakobus, Ireland
* Luisa Teresa Salazar de Nordlander, Norway
* Tomas Eric Nordlander, Norway

In addition, we would like to thank Dr. Helmut Meisel for the free PR on his Join my Trip site, it’s very much appreciated.