The international conference on trade and peace took place on the 15th of May at the Oslo City Hall; our organization, HumanRightsDefence was present at this event. The topics covered included the relationship and interdependence between trade and peace and the effects of world trade and globalisation. Also discussed was how trade can be an important tool in tackling the world famine, with particular focus on Africa.

The humanitarian activist Bob Geldof (Sir Robert Frederick Geldof) was one of the key speakers. His brilliant speech was titled “Global Economic Growth and the 2 billion still living on 2 USD per day”.

The phrase “there is no trade without peace”, with the Palestinian issue is a representative case, provided some food for thoughts. At the conference the ambassador of Afghanistan told the audience that charity is not the solution. During his speech, he referred to charity as a half hearted”, clarifying that another form of aid/help is needed to solve the addressed problems. Bob Geldof responded eloquent, defending the work of the charities and adding that sometimes charities are the only way to help countries when governments do not provide suitable assistance.

HumanRightsDefence strongly agrees with Bob Geldof’s views. We acknowledge the importance of charities – after all, charitable work is among our primary.If the charities seize to exist, the human suffering would surely increase. We must continue to support the work of humanitarian organizations, especially when concerned with human rights.We appreciate the eloquent, inspiring speakers like Bob Geldof to voice this important issue. Here are two recordings I made, published on YouTube:



The recoding below is an interview Bob Geldof gave to the Swedish chamber of commerce.



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