I believe many will agree with me when I say that committing crimes it is not the way to pronounce that you are in favour of a specific ideology.

In Colombia, the role that the FARC plays in name of an ideological revolution, the only thing that they have demonstrated is that they do not have any respect towards the people. Good treatment towards their captives is not in their interest; it has barely passed through their minds.

It’s not only the physical damage—that is clearly visible on its victims—but also a deep psychological damage. The moral destruction as a result of this cruel act leaves the victims with deep mental wounds. These types of damages are the consequence of belonging to a social group, a legislative body, or for disagreeing with their way of thinking.

What are the justifications for the kidnappings that take place to receive money? How would members of the FARC feel if they were kidnapped for 10 years and treated like those that suffered and are suffering under their captivity?

Can the members of the FARC imagine the terrible situation of their victims? Not to be able to do what they want because their freedom no longer exists. Not to be able to see their children, wife, mother, or father. Perhaps not even to say the last good bye and attending funeral of friends and relatives. All this simply because the FARC does not consider prudent to release them, and would prefer keep them under captivity.

Is this an ideological fight? Most of the common and legal dictionaries, would agree that the main element of the kidnapping concept is to retain a person by the force; afterwards, the kidnapper will demand money or another advantage in exchange for the freedom of the hostage.

From my point of view, the deprivation of freedom without legal trial and without been established through a sentence, is kidnapping. Furthermore, to assassinate behind any ideology, is simply a homicide. From this view, the FARC is synonymous for criminals, who break the law, kidnapping, and assassinating in name of an ideology.

As human being, I deeply deplore and cannot approve these acts. A person’s freedom can only be restricted by a fair trial. The justice must be applied only through the bodies in charge of implement the law in a country. Therefore, only members of the FARC deserve a restriction of freedom through a fair legal process. NOBODY has the right to be a self-proclaimed judge to apply their false beliefs.