Luisa Teresa Salazar de NordlanderOur Background

HumanRightsDefence was initiated by the human rights lawyer Luisa Teresa Salazar de Nordlander in 2005. She has an extensive legal experience in Human Rights, Labour Law, and Criminal Science, ranging from a Chief Lawyer, Human Rights Defender III, to Director of the HumanRightsDefence.


Our Vision

Our Vision for HumanRightsDefence is to be an efficient and transparent non-profit organisation that focuses on human rights issues. HumanRightsDefence will be a large result-oriented organisation that reaches and support victims around the world. We will strongly seek to change practice and policy of those violating Human Rights:


– We shield humans from humans –

Our Mission

Our Mission is to support victims and activists through an on-line community, offering legal advice, and creating public awareness in order to uphold political freedom and prevent inhumane conduct. HumanRightsDefence will work as an open and democratic organisation, where every voice matters. Our members are Judges, Lawyers, Journalists, authors, IT experts, and people that are burning for the course. Our members background allows us to provide give legal advice, create public awareness, and support victims. Our IT people will ensure that our www-site is an efficient, user friendly meeting point for victims, member, and the public.


Our Core Values

The Core Values for HumanRightsDefence are the collective conscience of the organization. They define the basic principles by which we operate, govern the way we make decisions, and control how we interact with others, and how we conduct ourselves. Our Core Values are:
• Human rights and dignity
• Demonstrating honesty, integrity, and respect
• Being respectful and sensitive to human needs and dignity
• Communicating openly
• Involving the community
• Supporting and appreciating efforts and successes
• Taking responsibility for ourselves and our work
• Building on strengths and collective knowledge

• Learning from others and from past experiences